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About Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas is an American company based in Carlsbad, California. The company was created when two fellow tea drinkers realized that their tea options were limited to the varieties offered in the local stores. After doing a bit of research, they discovered an abundance of information on the medicinal uses and herbal traditions of specific plants and flowers. Armed with this knowledge, they set out to find, and sample, the finest herbal teas in the world.

After two years of non-stop tea dinking, research and travel, Buddha Teas was ready for prime time and now offers the finest herbal teas with your health, vitality and well-being in mind. The growing, processing and blending of the teas rely on the millennia old records of great herbal traditions and the expertise of modern herbalist to deliver herbal teas of assured purity and quality. All the ingredients in Buddha Teas are grown and harvested using guidelines created to protect land ecosystems and promote sustainability. Buddha Teas takes precious time to produce the teas in a 100% natural process and, whenever possible, offer an organic option.

The company believes that quality does not stop with the creation of the teas and practices rigorous quality control for the herbal teas and the packaging. Buddha Teas uses only unbleached tea bags, free of harmful chemicals, and heat sealed without the use of glue. Recycled cardboard is utilized to construct environmentally friendly boxes. On those boxes you will discover information about the plant/flower and its medicinal properties and historical usage.

Buddha Teas constantly strives for ways to improve the production of their herbal products, from procurement to processing. This dedication ensures the freshness and purity of the teas, as well as affordable prices for their customers. Customers can also expect fast, friendly, knowledgeable and responsive service when they contact Buddha Teas.

You can purchase Buddha Teas from their website, www.buddhateas.com.